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Weights & Volume Measurements

One yard of material will cover:


324 Square Feet  /  at 1"

162 Square Feet  /  at 2"

108 Square Feet  /  at 3" 

81 Square Feet  /  at 4"

64 Square Feet  /  at 5"

54 Square Feet  /  at 6"

27 Square Feet  /  at 12"

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Simple steps to determine the number of yards required:

1. Determine your number of square feet, do this by measuring the areas width by the areas length

Ex. 10 feet Long by 8 Feet wide would equal 80 Square Feet

2. Square Footage required divided by the coverage at your desired depth and this will tell you the number of Cubic Yards Required

Ex. 80 Square Feet at a Depth of 3" would look something like this 80 / 108 = .74 Yards of Material

• • •

 1 Yard of Material is equivalent to approximately 8 garbage cans (70L), 10-12 Wheel Barrows or 24 - 5 gallon pails


Hopefully this will aid you in determining the amount of product you will need, If you have any questions about your calculations do not hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to help you! 


Metric Conversion:

1 cubic yard = .76 of cubic metres

1 cubic metre = 1.31 cubic yards


Bagged Products:

Generally, one 40 pound bag of deco rock (rainbow, green ice, desert tan etc) will cover:

2.5 square feet at 2 inches depth

5 square feet at 1 inch depth

Bagged products vary in volume, so are relative to the material inside.  For example, Lava rock has more volume for weight, and will cover more area.   

One 30 lb bag of Lava rock is estimated to cover approximately 8 square feet at 1 inch depth